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1950: 1950 - Winfield Elementary School—Second Addition

The second addition to the Winfield Elementary School was built to the south of the original school (See 1920). This addition included one long hallway that ran from the original two rooms to the new classroom. There was also another basement room directly underneath. This new room faced Berry Road. In the fifties, one of the basement rooms became the lunch room. In one corner of the basement there was a sink and a hotplate that was used to prepare hot lunches. Opposite the small room with the sink was the Okanagan Regional Lending Library. The library cupboard for the school was near the grade six class room.

Source: Bernardo, Sandra. “The Histories of Winfield, Oyama, Okanagan Centre and the Commonage Schools.”

See also: 1920, 1945, 2000.