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1945: 1947 - Willett Road

Willett Road was first established around 1947 and paved in 1968.

Earl and Minerva Willett were married in 1914. They moved around quite a lot before settling in Winfield in 1938 where they bought a lakeshore lot at the south end of Wood Lake for the incredible sum of $75. They purchased the lot from another well known pioneer, George Reiswig.

Lloyd Willett was an American artist, well known for his scenic paintings, one of which is a painting of the rocky mountains with an elk in the foreground and it had a prominent place in the Earl’s and Minerva’s bedroom. Earl was a house painter although his passion was painting realistic paintings of nature.

Earl and Minerva had two children, Laurine in 1918 and Virgil in 1920. Earl passed away in 1969 while Minerva lived on to celebrate her 100th birthday in 1994.

Source: The Calendar, November 2, 1994; and Lake Country Museum archives.