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1900: 1904 - Whipple Road

Whipple Road is not marked on current maps but it was established in 1904. The Lake Country Road Registry states that Whipple Road starts at Hebbert Road and dead ends but this information may not be correct. Current members of the Whipple family are not aware of a road named after the family but long time resident Julie Allingham suggests that it was below, and running parallel to Oyama Road, near the old Whipple wharf and it has been obliterated by the Canadian National Railway tracks.

This pioneer family was very involved in Oyama’s community affairs. Floyd Whipple was a road foreman and Cass Whipple had been a school teacher from Armstrong. Walter Whipple married Beattie Phillips and moved to the United States in the 1920s. His sister married Blaine Griffiths who constructed many Oyama buildings. They lived on the Upper Bench where Dave and Marie Graham, and then Dave Marshall, had orchards.

Source: Young, Joyce. 2006; Lake Country Road Registry; Julie Allingham.