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1905: 1906 - Wentworth Cabin

This cabin was constructed and lived in by the Wentworth brothers, Cyril and Joe, when they came to this area from England. Records are sketchy from that time, but Rosemary Carter believes it was built about 1906, from a design by Northcote Caesar.

The construction is interesting. Examine the walls, and you will find no studs at all. The walls are simply two layers of one-inch planks nailed together at right angles. This was apparently a standard construction technique in mining camps.

The cabin stood on its original property, on top of the ridge at Camp Road, until 1998. It was donated to the Lake Country Museum by Ron and Rosemary Carter, and moved to its present location by the Lake Country Lions Club.

Most of the present furnishings of the interior of the cabin have been donated by Neville Sproule of Oyama.