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1995: 1998, December 1 - Wastewater Treatment Plant

The first homes were connected to Lake Country’s wastewater treatment plant. In mid December, bacteria taken from the City of Kelowna’s Brandt Creek treatment plant were added to the new bioreactor. This is a long, concrete multi-celled tub where the bacteria start to break down the screened effluent. Once material has passed through the bioreactor, it’s directed to another huge concrete tub. The secondary clarifier removes any residual solids before the highly treated wastewater goes to the 800-foot long underground galleries beneath the treatment plant’s access road.

Source: The Calendar, January 6, 1999.

Photos: Steve Kidd.

By March 22, 1999, there were 57 connections to the system. The Grand Opening of the Sewer System with ribbon cutting and public tours took place on June 11, 1999.

Source: Community Matters Newsletter.

A three day project that involved ripping up pavement on Grant Crescent began the sewer extension to the Town Centre development.

Source: The Calendar, December 22, 1999.
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