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1905: 1908 - Tyndall Road

Tyndall Road, established in 1908, runs from Okanagan Centre Road through to Camp Road. The road today is still only partially surfaced.

This road took its name from an early mining pioneer, Sam Tyndall, who resided in this area. Tyndall’s marriage was the first to be held in the new United Church which Sam had helped build. We don’t know which was more important, the marriage or his love for hunting, as it is said that he went hunting on the day of his marriage.

Sam Tyndall was born on March 9, 1891, in Ireland in the Republic of Wicklow. It was twenty-one years later, on his birthday, that Sam set foot on Canadian soil and made his way by train to the Okanagan. For the first few years Sam worked on various farms until 1916 when he joined up for the Canadian Army. He served his time in France for the duration of the first World War.

On his return to Winfield after the war ended, Sam worked on the railway, on the stretch between Kelowna and Vernon. Later in 1927 Sam and Doris bought property where they raised cattle and had a dairy along with their own milk route. His dairy business expanded and later he shipped his milk to the first Kelowna Creamery. In later years, until his retirement, his milk was sent to NOCA.

Both Sam and Doris were active members in the Missionary Church which is where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on October 15, 1983.

Source: The Calendar, October 12, 1983; Lake Country Museum archives.