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1920: 1921 - Tennis Club Builds New Courts

The Tennis Club built new clay courts and a Pavillion on what is now the playground of the Okanagan Centre School (Lake Country Museum site). Northcote Caesar donated the land. The Club operated on this site until 1956.

Source: The Magazine, June 28, 1998.

It was a popular pastime in the 1920s to belong to the Okanagan Centre Tennis Club or at least to come watch and drink tea. Mixed Doubles matches were held every year. The winners would receive the “Rainbow Cup”, referring of course to Rainbow Ranche. According to the cups donated by Tom Collinson, Mr. Collinson and Mrs. Gibson won in 1931, 1934, 1935 and 1936. Herb Fallow donated the cups from 1937 and 1938 when he and Mrs. Fallow were the winners of the mixed doubles match.

Source: Lake Country Museum.