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1910: 1910 - Sawmill Road

Sawmill Road was established in September 1926. The original name for Sawmill Road was Young-Geer Road.

Mr. Geer had a home at ‘Cosy Corner’ on Long (Kalamalka) Lake. This is the site of Pier Mac’s log home which was being constructed in 2006. Geer sold thirty-four acres of meadow land to Sam Young. Above the lake, Geer also owned a parcel that eventually became part of Vernon Ellison’s Kalwood Ranch. This property extended west from ‘Marsh Lake’ (the Oyama Swamp) and over the hillside. The lower part of Ellison’s property included the present sawmill area and the gravel pit started by Ed Tarasawich and Clayton Schmidt.

Source: Young, Joyce. 2006.