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1990: 1992 - Peter Greer Elementary School

Peter Greer Elementary School, situated at 10300 Sherman Drive in East Winfield, opened in November 1992. The official opening took place on January 28, 1993.
The school, built to accommodate 550 pupils, consists of eighteen classrooms. In 1992, the Principal, Len St. Croix described the school: “The facility is state-of-the-art, a beautiful school. The kids call it the ‘Orchard Park of the Lake Country’.

This modern, high-tech school is built like a series of cubes around the central foyer. There is a primary classroom block and two intermediate blocks. Each classroom opens to a shared project area. Completely computer-equipped and unlike traditional schools with isolated classrooms, this school has interconnected rooms and conventional hallways in various shapes. The design provides for natural light to all major spaces in the building by the use of bay windows, clerestories and skylights.

The gymnasium has a sliding curtain which turns it into two small gyms. Adjacent to the gym is a multipurpose room used for band and music classes. The school design provides community access to the gym and multipurpose room, while the rest of the school may be closed off.

The big bright library utilizes all the newest technology and is the Learning Resources center of the school. The computer lab has 34 Dell computers with 1.8 gigahertz processors purchased in 2002.

Peter Greer Elementary School offers students a dual track system of English and French Immersion. The school is fully prepared for the new educational challenges of the future. The school logo is an eagle, and the school motto is “Soaring for Excellence.”

Peter Greer Elementary is named after a longtime member of the Lake Country community. He was Principal of George Elliot Secondary School, a trustee on the School Board, and later, Chairman of the Board of School Trustees of School District #23 (Kelowna) from 1982 to 1986. Peter Greer and his wife Gwen now live in Perth, Australia.

Source: Dillman, Emily. “From Slates to Blackboards to Computers.”

In 2004, in response to vandalism by some drunken teenagers who caused about $3,500 in damage, the Parents’ Advisory Committee installed a series of video cameras. The new system will help identify and prosecute vandals who have been targetting schools.

Source: The Calendar, June 16, 2004.