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1905: 1907 - Maddock Avenue (Road)

Maddock Avenue (Road) was established in Okanagan Centre in 1907. It started at 3rd Street and was a dead-end road. The name comes from the Maddock brothers, early pioneers who moved to this area around 1872. In 1907 the Maddock brothers were selling ten and twenty acre lots for apple orchards.

The Maddock brothers were instrumental, along with other early pioneers, in finding a water source for the bench lands in Okanagan Centre. At the time the pumps, which were wind powered, did not have the power to take the water for very long distances and as a result a decision was made to run a water line from the Chain Lakes in Fir Valley. In later years this water source became the domestic water system for most of the areas of Winfield and Okanagan Centre, and the Maddock brothers played a major role in this important project.

In 1908 the Maddock brothers gave a plot of land (East half of lot 66, Plan 444) for the sole use as a cemetery.

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