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1995: November 28, 1999 - Lake Country Sign — South Entry

The south entry sign for Lake Country was placed on November 28, 1999 and officially christened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on December 3, 1999. Cutting the ribbon were chair of the Lake Country Public Art Advisory Committee, Sharon McCoubrey, and former committee chair, Hanny Muggeridge.

There are two of these signs — one at the north entrance to Lake Country and one at the south entrance. Advance Precast of Kelowna built the signs. They are 15 feet high, 10 feet across, 8 inches thick and weigh 11,260 pounds. Each sign, reading from bottom to top, lists the municipal wards as the motorist comes to them.

Source: The Calendar, December 1 & 8, 1999.

For additional photographs of the signs see Lake Country Sign — North Entry.