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1985: August 1987 - Kopje Regional Park

The Central Okanagan Regional District purchased this eight-acre property that has 600 feet of shoreline for $327,000. George and Susan Pond donated a 0.4 acre parcel to complete the Park.

The property was originally part of a twenty-five acre property purchased by George M. Gibson in 1906. It was Gibson who had the house built in 1912.

The Broome family purchased the property in 1951 from Mrs. Gibson after her husband died and operated it as a summer camp until 1970. After that, the Department of National Defense leased it as a facility for aquatic training for summer cadets for several years.

In 1988, The Regional District hired Basil Yarusiewich as the caretaker of Kopje Regional Park and he has supervised the restoration of Gibson Heritage House which is located in the Park.

Source: The Calendar, August 10, 1994.

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