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1900: 1904 - Hayton Road

Hayton Road runs from Todd Road to Oyama Lake Road in Oyama. It was established in 1904 and named after Jack Hayton, a parson’s son.

Hayton was a respectable English remittance man, who ran 200 cattle and 100 horses on the V Bar V Ranch before Vernon Ellison came to the Valley. He bought the ranch from Henry Furnass who had acquired the Bovee Brothers’ place. Later Fleetwood Wilson, another remittance man, a bachelor and a real English gentleman, raised cattle on this V Bar V Ranch.

Hayton Creek, also known as Spring Creek, was also named after Jack Hayton. This creek runs across Sawmill Road down to the Oyama Swamp on the isthmus.

Hayton went off to Australia in 1914.

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