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1900: 1901 - Glenmore Road

The portion of Glenmore located in Lake Country begins at the junction of Highway 97 and Beaver Lake Road, travelling south, and ends at Chase Road, before crossing the City of Kelowna boundary.

The area around the present Glenmore Road was originally known as Starvation Flats and was located in an area called Dry Valley. In 1901, at the time of its incorporation, The Central Okanagan Land and Orchards Co. Ltd. subdivided the land in Dry Valley after they brought in irrigation. Then the Orchard Company offered a prize of $100 (a lot of money at the time) to anyone who could propose a suitable name for the area.

One of the well known farmers in that area, John Morrison, had purchased a farm that bore the name Glenmore. Mrs. Morrison, John’s wife, thought it was a suitable name and submitted it. Glenmore was also suggested by a Mrs. A. R. Walker, a resident of Kelowna. The Orchard Company accepted the name and gave Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Walker fifty dollars each.

The Corporation of the District of Glenmore was incorporated on October 6, 1922.

Source: Harvey, A. G. “Okanagan Place Names. Their Origin and Meaning.” The Twelfth Report of the Okanagan Historical Society. Vernon, BC: OHS, 1948. p. 205.