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2000: 2002, November - Gateway Block

The south end of Main Street is really taking shape with Lake Country Investments moving ahead with Phase Two of their four-phase development.

John Macdonald, president of Lake Country Investments, says half of the new space, dubbed the “Gateway Block”, is leased and is working towards having the entire 19,000 square feet of commercial space rented upon completion.

“We’ve just finalized all the colour,” said Macdonald. “There’s Movie Gallery, a national video rental operation. We’ve also got Your Dollar Store with More, a jewelry goldsmith operation and Mystic Gifts and Creations.”

The lower level, facing Main Street, will be home to Mystic Gifts and the goldsmith while the upper level, facing west and the Coopers Village parking lot, will be the frontage for Movie Gallery and Your Dollar Store with More. A small restaurant will also be included in Phase Two.

Both levels will be home to about 9,500 square of retail space each. “There will be six or seven Main Street stores and five or six on the upper level,” estimated Madconald.

“Since there’s lots of people in Lake Country with artistic backgrounds, we’d like to see a little arts centre there too. Maybe a coffee shop where people could display their art,” he added.

Source: The Calendar, November 27, 2002