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1980: 1984 - Founding of the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society

A formational meeting of the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society was held informally following a special Ratepayers meeting at the Shangeri-la Restaurant on June 18, 1984.

There are eleven members; Table Officers are as follows:

  • President: Helen Gatzke
  • Secretary: Jane Arnold
  • Treasurer: Ron Carter


  • Penny Baughen
  • Yvonne Saunders
  • Win Sutton
  • David Lodge
  • James Baker
  • Flora Snowdon
  • Jack McCarthy
  • George Kozub

It was moved by Jack McCarthy that we write a letter to James Baker, c/o Central Okanagan Regional District, Groves Avenue, Kelowna, requesting a $500.00 assistance in the form of a grant. Seconded by Yvonne Saunders. We are forming a society and need financial assistance. James Baker stated he will have copies of the Societies Act photostated for the executive and members. He will also make a verbal request to C.O.R.D. at their next meeting on July 9 for financial assistance.

Meeting adjourned by Rosemary Carter, seconded by Yvonne Saunders.

Jane Arnold – Secretary