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2000: 2003 - Dance of Life

Artist Terry Houston’s “Dance of Life” celebrates spawning Kokanee and the memory of Saul David Sigal.

The spawning Kokanee sculpture in the foyer of the District of Lake Country offices was unveiled on May 13, 2003. The 12 Kokanee fish carvings are representations of the brightly coloured spawning fish and were carved and painted by local naturalist and artist, Terry Houston. After a long time observing the Kokanee locally in the age-old ritual of reproduction, Terry was inspired to attempt his multi-piece work titled the Dance of Life.

Over a month and a half period, Terry sculpted and finished the six male and six female kokanee representations which are carved from clear spruce wood, harvested from local trees. They are finished in bright red and green acrylic paint and 10 coats of varnish, giving a high gloss, shiny, watery look to the fish.

The twelve pieces, captured in various natural swimming positions, are placed in groups across about 20 feet of wall. These are Wood Lake Kokanee, life-sized representations and are each between 12 and 15 inches long.

Donors Jody Lafontaine, Mark & Ardelle Lafontaine, Dianne Smith, Samuel Terrance Sigal, Jacob Forrester Sigal, Terry & Heather Houston, Danny Zucchet, Ross Kent, Cathy Zucchet and Holiday Park Resort have dedicated this beautiful piece of art in memory of Saul David Sigal.

Source: The View