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1945: 1948 - Ida Arbuckle Camp

Prior to 1948 local Guide groups from Kelowna and the surrounding area had camped at Cedar Creek or on property which was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. This property was just to the north of the present camp.

Source: “Camp Arbuckle Then and Now and in Between 1948-1998.”
PB 004.20

When the Gibsons sold part of their land, Guides could no longer camp on that property. It was at this time that Mrs. H. W. Arbuckle, District Commissioner for Kelowna, . . . found out that the five acre property to the south of the Gibson property was for sale for $1,525.00. This five acre property, which had belonged to the late Mr. McNair, had a long lake frontage and a one room cabin. Guide bake sales and, more importantly, donation solicitation by the Guides’ fathers raised the funds to purchase the property.

Mrs. Arbuckle retired as District Commissioner and was appointed Camp Adviser in 1950. In 1957, she moved to Ontario and the Cottonwood Flats Camp was renamed the Ida Arbuckle Camp in her honour.

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