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2005: March 2007 - Calendar Publisher Retires

It is the end of an era for The Calendar newspaper in Lake Country. For nearly thirty years, Jack McCarthy has owned and published this newspaper and earlier this week he made the decision to sell it to the Black Press Newspaper Group.

The Calendar has already been in a long-term relationship with its new owner as the newspaper is printed at the Kelowna Capital News building, which is owned by the Black Press.

Don Moores, President of the Black Press B.C. South division, expresses his admiration for McCarthy’s contribution both to the media industry and his community. As one of the few remaining independent newspaper owners in the province, McCarthy has been publishing his own unique product since 1979. He has continuously supported Lake Country through his community coverage and as a volunteer in several organizations.

It is Black’s philosophy that a newspaper should reflect the community it covers. “We intend to continue on with that philosophy,” he says. Things are expected to carry on into the future, with The Calendar and Weekender publications continuing as normal.

Source: The Calendar, Wednesday, February 28, 2007