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Help wanted! Can you identify … ?

Do any readers recognize students from this 1953 photograph of the Oyama Elementary School Christmas play?

Oyama Elementary School
Click the photo to enlarge it.

The Museum has been able to identify certain actors. The “King” was Wayne Townsend, but who is his Queen? The two dancing on the Queen’s left (your right) are Arlene Trewhitt and Steve Dungate. With his back to Steve is Duane Thomson. The tall girl in wig to your left of the King is likely Merle Gorek. Perhaps the girl without a wig is Margaret? and is that Vince Jarvis further to the left? The younger boy in front may be Dennis Purch.

Do you also know the name of the play?

We welcome additional identifications and corrections.

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  • I think the name was Greensleeves. It was performed at Oyama School and I remember Arlene and Steve having solos in it. I was in Grade Two and I remember having a minor role.
    Sandi Harder (nee Thomson)

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