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Happy Birthday Canada!

This song “Canada” was written by Jack Kenny. The song, an ode to Canada, was sung by Oyama Elementary School children in 1990.

Happy Birthday Canada!


1 #2014.86.1. One Cassette and two compact disks; also available in WAV format. Lake Country Museum and Archives.

Canadian flag


  • Omg!! Part of this amazing time is my sister Crystal Squires!!

    • Wonderful! Can you or Crystal tell us about it?

      • This song was recorded by the grade 7 class in 1992. There were several students that tried out and were granted solos. The following year this track was played at the end of every assembly at Oyama Elementary, where the entire student body would stand up and sing along.

  • I can remember the students singing this in the gym, including our 2 sons. Brings back many wonderful memories of Oyama Elementry.

  • I sang this as a student and then again as a teacher in 2013/2014. Love that the tradition is alive. Wonderful memories. Thank you for preserving this.

  • Miss Buckley must have been the principal than… taking over from Mr. Pullinger she brought a new purple and pink emblem to the school and got us some new sports equipment. Grade 4 when that baby was first introduced.

  • Oh my… hearing this song truly touches my heart! I can see all those shiny smiling faces, and hear all those beautiful voices when we sang this special song at the end of each Celebration Assembly. Thank you so much for highlighting our Oyama school song on Canada’s 150th Birthday!

    Love Miss Buckley

  • This was from Craig’s time…I have tried to find this song many times…brings back many wonderful memories ?

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