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Class: Asarum caudatum
Sub Family: Aristolochiaceae
Year: Perennial
Other Names: Indian Ginger
Colour: Brownish-purple
Height: 2-3 cm (3/4-1 1/4")
Each Flower: 2-2.5 cm (3/4-1") across, virtually no petals; calyx brownish-purple inside, deep cup-shaped with 3 triangular outcurved lobes tapering abruptly into long thin tails, sometimes curled, up to 7.5 cm (3") long; inside of cup has 6 large yellow spots, outside, paler pinkish-brown, covered with long, downy hairs, in centre are 6 stamens, tightly bunched around a squat pistil
Leaves: Opposite pairs of long, hairy-stalked leaves with large heart-shaped, almost leathery, short-haired blades, 4-10cm (1 1/2-4") long, up to 15 cm (6") broad; margins and veins are longer haired
Stems: Flower-stems, 1.3-3 cm (1/2-1 1/4") long with long soft hairs; main stem mostly trailing, softly long haired
Blooming Period: April - July
Habitat: Damp, shady woods, especially under cedar