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Class: Amerorchis, Orchis rotundifolia
Sub Family: Orchidaceae
Year: Perennial
Other Names: Spotted Kirtle-pink
Colour: Pale purple-pink to white
Height: 10-30 cm (4-12")
Each Flower: 1.3 cm (1/2") or more long, upper 2 petals hood-like and purple-veined inside; behind is a longer, paler petal-like sepal; 2 narrow, lateral wing-like sepals may be almost white, 3-lobed, about 1.3 cm (1/2") long, spreading, with middle lobe elongated, notched, usually pale pink and dark purplish-spotted or sometimes with 2 blotchy, dark purplish stripes, elongated ovary, usually purplish with green, pointed bract below
Leaves: Single broad, pointed egg-shaped leaf at base, 4-5 cm (1 1/2-2") long and 2.5-3 (1-1 1/4") broad with central vein
Stems: Rigid, round, smooth, may be reddish
Blooming Period:
Habitat: Boggy, swampy, open wooded areas up to mountainous elevations in isolated areas