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Class: Potentilla palustris
Sub Family: Rosaceae
Year: Perennial
Other Names: Marsh Fivefinger
Colour: Wine-red
Height: Up to 1 m (39 1/4")
Each Flower: 2.2 cm (7/8") across with 5 small, shiny, wine-red, pointed petals, 5 longer, sharply pointed sepals, hairy at tips on the outside, greenish on outside, brownish-red on inside. 5 tiny recurved bracts alternate with sepals. In centre of flower up to 25 wine-red stamens surround cone of wine-red styles
Leaves: Have stalks up to 7.5 cm (3") long sheathing stem. Three or 4 pairs of opposite, elliptic, toothed leaflets and 1 terminal leaflet. Upper surface green, under-surface almost greyish
Stems: Woody, hollow, may be creeping or erect, green, slightly hairy above, reddish towards base
Blooming Period: June - August
Habitat: Lake edges, bogs, wet meadows, and streambanks. Scattered throughout area