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Class: Calypso bulbosa
Sub Family: Orchidaceae
Year: Perennial
Other Names: Venus-slipper, Dear-head Orchid
Colour: Purplish-rose
Height: 10-25 cm (4-10")
Each Flower: 2.5-4 cm (1-1 1/2") across with 9 mm-2 cm (3/8-3/4") long, narrow lance-shaped, purplish-pink sepals and petals, all alike, 9 mm-2.5 cm (3/8-1") long, one is actually the third petal, pale pink and purple-spotted, sac-like, slipper-shaped with 2 small, spur-like projections at its tip; inside hairy, sac-like part brownish-purple
Leaves: Single, dark green, pointed egg-shaped 2.5-6 cm (1-2 1/4") long, ribbed, lower half narrows into stalk about same length as blade
Stems: Flower-stem slender, pale biscuit to pale purplish, 1 or 2 brownish, sheath-like bracts
Blooming Period: March - June
Habitat: Cool, moist, mossy forest floors and banks