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Class: Arnica latifolia
Sub Family: Asteraceae, Compositae
Year: Perennial
Other Names:
Colour: Yellow
Height: 23-50 cm (9-20")
Each Flower: Daisy-like, 4 cm (1 1/2") or more across; 8-10 broad ray-petals up to 2 cm (3/4") long, slightly concave side up to 7 mm (1/4") across; involucre 1.5 cm (5/8") deep with 8-10 smooth, green, ribbed bracts
Leaves: 1 pair of opposite leaves 5-6.5 cm (2-2 1/2") below terminal flower; almost triangular blades, toothed, and stemless with flower-bud from each axil; 3-4 pairs of opposite stalkless leaves up rest of stem but more oval and roundly toothed; may be over 2.5 cm (1") wide, 5 cm (2") long and slightly hairy at the edges, 2 basal leaves smaller, rounded, and less toothed
Stems: Green and more or less smooth
Blooming Period: July - August
Habitat: Sub-alpine, alpine, and above timberline at elevations from 914-2348 m (3000-8000')