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Class: Lewisia pygmaea var. pygmaea
Sub Family: Portulacaceae
Year: Perennial
Other Names: Dwarf Lewisia
Colour: Pink to white
Height: 1.3-7.5 cm (1/2-3")
Each Flower: 5-9 pale pink to white, reddish-veined petals 7 mm-1.3 cm (1/4-1/2") long forming a tiny saucer-shape; the 5-6 branched style is surrounded by 5-12 stamens; 2 shiny, greenish, oval, pointed sepals may be joined 2/3 of the way down
Leaves: Several basal, fleshy, strap-like leaves, 6.5-13 cm (2 1/2-5") long and 3 mm-1.3 cm (1/8-1/2") broad, tapering toward base and slightly warty on both sides
Stems: Several flower-stems from fleshy root, green, fleshy with a pair of opposite bracts part way up
Blooming Period: May - August
Habitat: Drier open areas at high elevations from just below to above timberline