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Events & Programs of the Lake Country Museum

Lake Country offers many Programs and Events throughout the year. They will be showcased here, as well as on the Blog and on Facebook.

To see specific events, please access the Events bar at the left: CentrePiece, Contests, Lecture Series, etc.

To see which Events are featured in a specific month or year please use the Calendar Bar above.

2018 Lake Country Children's Festival

Mar 3, 2018

“The Lake Country Children’s Festival is taking place at the Lake Country Community Complex this weekend.

There will be face painting, caricatures, live entertainment, games and a global children’s village with multicultural activities.

The Lake Country Museum will also be hosting an historic photo booth, and a teen vocal competition will be happening in the Creekside Theatre.

‘The Children’s Festival has been very successful the past few years, and I can only see that growing as more families move to Lake Country for the lifestyle available here,’ said Mayor James Baker.

The event will take place Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Admission is by donation, with all donations going back to the event.”1

Lake Country Children's Festival2

1 “Mark your calendars for fun Saturday at children’s festival”, The Daily Courier, March 1, 2018, p. A2.

2 Graphics from LinkedEvents, online at

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To the Manor born

Mar 9, 2018 to Mar 23, 2018

To the Manor born. An introduction to the historic Fintry Estate

and the traditions surrounding an English Manor House

The Fintry Estate is located on the west side of Okanagan Lake between Kelowna and Vernon within the BC Provincial Park. This session will explain what is to be seen at Fintry, how it came to be a part of the Valley’s history and what the Friends of Fintry Society are doing to maintain it. A collection of artifacts from the site will be used to illustrate the lectures and to show the great diversity of interests that James Dun-Waters, the founder of Fintry, had.

Dan Bruce
Dan Bruce, Curator

Presented by Dan Bruce, curator of Fintry Estate and the Lake Country Museum & Archives

Sponsor: Society for Learning in Retirement

Course: #3618W

Date & Time: Friday March 9, 16, 23; 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Fee: $16.00



Telephone: 250-448-1203


Mail: Society for Learning in Retirement, 1434 Graham Street, Kelowna, BC   V17 3A8


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School Programs

Sep 1, 2012 to Jun 30, 2020

Educators at Lake Country Museum are pleased to co-operate with the schools of Lake Country by providing school programs and tours of the Museum. Please contact the Lake Country Museum and Archives at 250-766-0111 to make arrangements.

  1. Guided Tour – Explore Lake Country’s early history through a guided tour of the Museum, Annex, and Wentworth Cabin, with a hands-on look at items that once belonged to our early settlers. (Duration 60 minutes)
  2. Self-guided Tour and Scavenger Hunt – The Museum offers a self-guided tour and several scavenger hunts for students of different age levels. (Duration 45 – 90 minutes)
  3. Our Community Then and Now – Students visit three activity stations as they learn about the community’s settlers from as far back as the late 1800s and how they lived. This program includes student puzzle sheets and a hands-on activity. (Duration 90 minutes)
  4. Custom Programs – Custom programs are available on a variety of themes. Please contact us to arrange a program or research study to match your students’ learning outcomes.
  5. Pioneer Box – The Pioneer Box is a traveling kit of artefacts and activities that can be brought to your classroom either as a guided program or as a stand-alone kit available on loan. (Guided program 60 minutes; Loan period 2 weeks)

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Lecture Series

Jan 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2019

The Lecture Series presented by the Lake Country Museum features topics of human or natural historical significance. Lectures are usually held at the Creekside Theatre, 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country, BC.

Some of these public lectures will be held in conjunction with the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) and will be held at the ORL’s Lake Country branch in the Municipal building on Bottom Wood Lake Road in Lake Country.

Some lectures will have an admission fee, but most lectures are Admission by Donation.

2019 Lectures:

  1. History of Lake Country (presenter Duane Thomson)

2018 Lectures:

  1. Early History — BC Interior (5 week series; presenter Dr. Duane Thomson)
  2. History of Lake Country (presenter Laura Neame)
  3. Glorious and Free (presenter Alex Huntley)

2017 Lectures:

  1. History of Lake Country (presenter Shannon Jorgenson)
  2. Vernon Internment Camp, 1914-1920 (presenter Don McNair)
  3. Gibson Heritage House (presenter Rosemary Carter)

2016 Lectures:

  1. Pioneer families in Lake Country (presenter Laura Neame)
  2. History of the cemeteries in Lake Country (presenter Robert M. Hayes)
  3. History of Lake Country (presenter Shannon Jorgenson)

2015 Lectures:

  1. Flowing Values: the evolution of water governance (presenter Dr. John Janmaat)
  2. Snc∂wips: How our Collections tell of our History (presenter Jordan Coble).

2014 Lectures:

  1. The Bugle Sounds in 1914 (presenter Keith Boehmer)
  2. Lost in the Archives: Lake Country’s past through letters, diaries, and journals (presenter Laura Neame)

2013 Lectures:

  1. Digging up the Past. Archaeological sites — Pelmewash & others (presenter, Lake Country Mayor James Baker)
  2. The Re-excavation of The Tomb of Horemheb (presenter Dr. Geoffrey T. Martin)
  3. Remembering and Redress: the Japanese Canadian experience in Lake Country (presenter Dr. Audrey Kobayashi).

2012 Lectures:

  1. The Ghosts Around Us: Military Training in the Okanagan (presenter Howard Hisdal)
  2. Bugs & Us (presenter Dr. Ward Strong)
  3. Cowboys East & West. Ranch Hands on the BC and Alberta Frontier (presenter Ken Mather).

2011 Lectures:

  1. On Tour in Egypt (presenter Dan Bruce)
  2. Building the Kettle Valley Railway: Myra and its Men (presenters Dr. Maurice Williams and Dr. Richard Garvin)
  3. Return of the Kokanee (presenter Dr. Peter Dill)
  4. The Custom of the Country: the Hudson’s Bay Company in Indian Territory (presenter Dr. Duane Thomson).

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