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The Bugle Sounds in 1914

Jun 22, 2014

The Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society is pleased to host “The Bugle Sounds in 1914”. This lecture will take place at Creekside Theatre, 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country (Winfield) on Sunday June 22nd at 1:30pm. Doors open at 1:00pm. Admission is by donation.

This presentation by Keith Boehmer will look at the call to arms of Okanagan residents for service in the Great War. With the aid of photos and artifacts from the Okanagan Military Museum’s collections. Mr. Boehmer  plans to address such questions as “Who enlisted?” “Why did they enlist?” “What training did they receive?” “Where did they go?”

Mr. Boehmer is the Military History Interpreter at the Okanagan Military Museum in Kelowna. He brings 15 years of experience with the military history of Canada to this presentation. He was an “army brat” of a 20 year Armoured soldier in the Canadian Forces and served with the British Columbia Dragoons, (the Okanagan’s own Canadian Army Reserve), for 3 years while in high school in Westbank. He has served several years as President of the BC Dragoons Whizzbang Association and in 2013 published Always First. A Pictorial History of the British Columbia Dragoons.

For more information about this or upcoming lectures please contact Lake Country Museum and Archives at 250-766-0111 or e-mail