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Glorious and/or Free: the True History of Canada

Oct 27, 2018

Alex Huntley, writer for The Beaverton, will present Glorious and/or Free: the True History of Canada. This is the title of the book recently written by Huntley and Luke Gordon Field and “this is Canada like you’ve never seen it.”1

The Beaverton

“Part mock-history, part fake scrapbook, and fully illustrated with original art and historical images (some “images” adjusted to increase historical “accuracy”) stab at our national myths and legends. And, like all great satire, it’s funny because it’s true.”2

This adult entertainment presentation will take place at the Creekside Theatre located at  10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road in Lake Country (Winfield), on Saturday, October 27th 2018 at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are available through Kelowna Tickets. The ticket price of $29.00 includes all fees and charges. This is adult entertainment.

Glorious and Free


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