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Apple Valley Book Launch

Jun 8, 2019

Lake Country Museum and Archives is hosting the Apple Valley Book Launch on Saturday, June 8 at 2:00 pm. This is being held in honour of the new publication “Apple Valley: A Century of Fruit Farming in the Okanagan.”

The book description is as follows:

“Fruit farming did not ‘come naturally’ to the Okanagan. It had to be made to work. The watershed was transformed with dams, pipes, and flumes. Forests were felled. Wetlands were drained. The biggest challenge of all was economic: finding enough consumers to buy the fruit (especially apples) for a reasonable price. In the 20th century, the Okanagan was a great place to live and to grow fruit. But to make a good living from fruit growing? That was another matter.”

This event will give you the opportunity to meet the author, Don McNair, and learn about Lake Country’s agricultural history. It will begin with a presentation by McNair, followed by a question period, and finally a meet and greet.

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Apple Valley: A Century of Fruit Farming in the Okanagan
“Apple Valley: A Century of Fruit Farming in the Okanagan”