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1920 - 1947. Sisters Mary Carter Jeglum and Nora Carter McGrath grew up in Okanagan Centre. Their mother, a widow, worked at many jobs in the Centre and all three worked in the local packinghouse. In this collection there are a selection of photographs that detail life in the Centre right up until the ladies' marriages in the early 1940s. These photographs are chiefly the Okanagan Centre location.

To view a sampling of each Album above click on a photograph. One can then use the arrows ( > and < ) on the right and left of the photos to move through the six selections in each sample album.

The Photo Albums that are displayed on the website contain only a few of the photographs that are contained in the Photo Album files at the Lake Country Museum. Copies of the photographs (in high resolution) may be purchased through the Museum for personal use. The aerial photographs are available in digital format. Please contact the Museum for ordering information.