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Hailey Causton

Hailey Causton, from the Westbank First Nation, was a summer student who worked at the Lake Country Museum & Archives and contributed to the Blog from a Syilx perspective. She majored in Indigenous Studies at UBCO.

way̓ x̌ast sx̌əlx̌ʕált (whay hast selh-halt) Greetings, good day iskʷist st’aʔqʷal’qs, inmʼístəm Wilfred Barnes, int’um Sandi Alexander. (ee-skeest sTa-kwelks, een-meestem Wilfred Barnes, een-toom Sandi Alexander.) My Syilx name is shimmery, glittery patchwork dress, my father’s name is Wilfred Barnes and my mother’s... [Continue Reading]