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Displays, on this website, mean the public displays sponsored by the LCMA, that appear in the offices of the Lake Country municipal hall, the community hall, George Elliot School, or other public spaces. They also include the Heritage Markers that are erected in each of the four wards of Lake Country and along the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Exhibitions feature a curated collection of thematic artifacts, either in a physical sense or online. An Exhibit is a smaller version of an Exhibition.

The new display mounted at the District of Lake Country municipal offices coordinates with Communities in Bloom. The display case highlights Gardening, Part of Lake Country’s History. Museum artifacts on display include a hand sprayer by Green Cross, two hand... [Continue Reading]

The newest display in the lobby of the District of Lake Country’s municipal building features the Gibson Heritage House and extends an invitation to all Lake Country residents.  The heritage house in Kopje Regional Park in Carr’s Landing will celebrate... [Continue Reading]

Karen and Glen Gibbons have once again prepared an excellent display in the lobby of the District of Lake Country’s municipal building. The Early Churches of Lake Country display features photographs of several past churches including Oyama United, St. Paul’s... [Continue Reading]

Lake Country Museum’s February display in the lobby of the municipal office of the District of Lake Country celebrates Valentine’s Day. The Lake Country Sweethearts display features Harriet McDonagh’s wedding dress from her 1911 marriage to Verner McDonagh. Their wedding was the... [Continue Reading]