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An Accident on “The Railroad”

December 12, 1918. Vernon News

"The Railroad" -- the isthmus between Wood and Long (Kalamalka) lakes
“The Railroad” — the isthmus between Wood and Long (Kalamalka) lakes

A rather unfortunate accident happened on “The Railroad” last Saturday. Rev. Mr. Cassidy was driving and his team of horses became frightened and ran away throwing Mr. Cassidy out of the rig. Mr. Henry Irving who had just been offered a lift made a jump out and cut his hand rather badly – the rig of course was smashed up considerably and the horses caught on the road leading to Mr. Trask’s place. Rev. Mr. Cassidy was considerably bruised and shaken up. We hope the results will not be any more serious than was at first conjectured.

NB: “The Railroad” is the former name of the isthmus between Wood and Kalamalka lakes in Oyama. Click to enlarge the photograph.


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