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60 Years Ago — July 1956


“Don Arnold and Wayne Pretty went east to St. Catharines to the Olympic Trials in July 1956. Don stroked a crew of four, to break the world record by 30 seconds, and the Eight[s] broke the record and qualified them both to enter the Olympic Games.

In November, 1956, the crews went to Melbourne, Australia for the Olympics, and Don Arnold stroked his crew to be the winner in the Fours, thereby bringing Canada her first Gold Medal for Rowing. The Eights, of which Wayne Pretty was a member, brought Canada a Silver Medal by coming in second.”

Don Arnold is [the] younger son of Nelson and May Arnold, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold. Wayne Pretty is son of Mr. and Mrs. George Pretty, all of Winfield.

Source: Early days of Winfield, BC. Sponsored by Winfield Women’s Institute for British Columbia Centenary 1958. Compiled by Mrs. W. R. Powley.
Available in the LCMA library, 2008.300.010 971.15

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  • I remember the excitement though I didn’t realize what the achievement really meant. After all I was pretty young.

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