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January 2015

Before the coming of the white man, the fertile bottom land of Winfield was dense forest, with occasional oases of small natural meadows, while the present orchard benchlands were covered with pine trees, etc. Large herds of deer roamed the... [Continue Reading]

‘Tis hard to believe that it’s been twenty years since the District of Lake Country was incorporated. In 1995 the four communities of Carr’s Landing, Okanagan Centre, Oyama and Winfield incorporated to form the municipality of Lake Country. It is... [Continue Reading]

In early days it took dedicated community members to provide recreational facilities in the Lake Country area. The following except is from the manuscript, The Autobiography of Harold David Butterworth of Oyama,1 where Butterworth documents the making of an outdoor... [Continue Reading]

A recent special awards evening at the Lake Country Rotary Club held some particular significance for our Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society. Each year this Rotary Club honours members whose generous contributions to Rotary have earned them the Paul Harris... [Continue Reading]