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Who We Are

The Lake Country Museum and Archives is operated by the Lake Country Cultural and Heritage Society, a group of community volunteers who have nurtured the Museum since its inception in 1985. The Founding Members persuaded School District 23 to donate the Okanagan Centre School for community purposes.

A committed Board of Directors and an active group of volunteers work diligently to maintain museum displays and archives, offer school programs, present lectures and exhibitions and maintain the building and grounds. Financial support comes from the District of Lake Country and from individual donations and bequests.

The Founding Members had the vision of a community museum: Helen Gatzke (Founding President), Flora Snowdon, David Lodge, George Kozub, Jack McCarthy, Yvonne Saunders, Win Sutton, Jane Arnold, James Baker, Penny Baughen, Rosemary Carter and Ron Carter.

Persons who have been especially active in supporting the Lake Country Museum have been recognized as Life Members: Anne Land, Peter Short, David Lodge, Ross McDonagh, Ruth Whitson, James Taylor, James Baker, Andrew Miller and Carol Thomson.

This is WHO WE ARE — we are the community of Lake Country.




(Adopted October 23, 2018)


The name of the Society is Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society (hereafter “the Society”) as incorporated October 11, 1984.


  • to collect, preserve, describe, exhibit and act as repository for materials and artifacts pertaining to the establishment and development of Lake Country. This includes the collection and exhibition of natural and cultural materials of interest and significance to the residents of Lake Country.
  • to promote and enhance education and access opportunities through exhibits, events, publications, web presence, and other means.
  • to maintain and operate the Museum building which houses the museum exhibits and the archives.
  • to provide input on heritage issues as they involve Lake Country, including the heritage value of buildings, the naming of parks and roads, and the recognition of heritage assets.

Charitable Registration Number: 119002459 RR 0001