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What We Do

The Lake Country Museum is dedicated to preserving our history  (view our collections policies) and presenting it to our community and to visitors. We will not allow our history to get away from us.

Some projects that we regularly undertake:

  • Maintain an evolving permanent exhibition at the Museum
  • Collect, preserve and display artifacts from near and abroad
  • Collect and preserve historic photographs and albums
  • Collect manuscripts and records of organizations and businesses
  • Support a bursary (The Arnold Award) for students at George Elliot Secondary School in Lake Country
  • Interpret our history to our community and visitors
  • Offer public lectures on topics of local interest
  • Take videos of local events to document our history
  • Interview local residents and write family histories
  • Offer school programs and work with UBCO student researchers
  • Maintain a website, a Blog, a Facebook presence and an Instagram account
  • Collaborate with CentrePiece, an Okanagan Centre community event
  • Host the OK Patio Café, a lovely lake view, summer tea room.

As special projects we recently have:

Special projects in progress are:

  • Creating QR codes for some of the exhibits in the Museum
  • Creating History pins at various local areas of interest
  • Collaborating with the Oyama Community Hall Association to install a permanent, legacy exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Oyama Hall and Community Club.
  • Creating heritage markers which will be placed along the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Are you interested in joining us? There are numerous opportunities for you, whatever your interest. Contact us for further details.

We would also appreciate hearing from you if you have a suggestion for our Museum or our website.

Annual Reports

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