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The Boys of Winter

In the pre-WWII years, Oyama boys were numerous enough to field a hockey team that played against Vernon and perhaps other teams. They practised and played on a community hockey rink on the flat land formerly occupied by the Sterling and Pitcairn Packing House (just north of the canal bridge on land occupied by the Tween Lake Resort. Note the bridge in the background.) This was the community rink until after the war when a new outdoor rink was built on Vernon Ellison’s property on the east side of the valley.

The boy’s equipment was not ideal. It appears that most were wearing knee pads but other equipment is not in evidence except for goalie pads for Ramsey MacLaren and hockey gloves for Bill Taylor.

Teacher Claude Bissell was the soccer coach in season but he apparently coached the same boys in hockey without donning skates.

The accompanying photograph was taken at hockey practice. Click to enlarge the photograph.

Oyama boys' hockey team
Oyama boys’ hockey team

Team members are, in the Back Row: Bud Gray, Bill Taylor, Art Dunn, Ramsey MacLaren, Dave Whipple, and teacher and coach Claude Bissell.

Front Row: Arnold Trewhitt, Charles MacLaren, Peter Orzak, Mike Darville, Frank Allingham, Ken Ellison and Vernie Craig.

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Berbrayer (née Darville)


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