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Remembering and Redress: the Japanese Canadian experience in Lake Country

Dr. Audrey Kobayashi, daughter of Lake Country resident Jimmy Kobayashi Mednedeff and the late Hiroshi Kobayashi, will present a public lecture on Remembering and Redress: the Japanese Canadian experience in Lake Country.

  • Date: Sunday, September 22, 2013
  • Time: 1:30 p.m. (doors open at 1 p.m.)
  • Location: Creekside Community Theatre, 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country (Winfield), BC
  • Admission: by Donation

The lecture by Dr. Audrey Kobayashi of Queen’s University will present the history of the Japanese Canadian pioneers of Lake Country from their arrival in the early 1900s through their experiences during WWII. Dr. Kobayashi, who was born and grew up in Okanagan Centre, will present an account of the pioneer families, the effects of World War II on the Issei (1st generation) and Nissei (2nd generation), and the Canadian Government’s Redress and apology.  Remembering and Redress: The Japanese Canadian experience in Lake Country commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Japanese Canadian Redress Agreement.

Dr. Kobayashi’s presentation will augment the current exhibition at the Lake Country Museum and Archives, Kakonosedai: a Century of Communitypart of a continuing series of events telling the story of the first Japanese Canadian pioneers of our community and their experiences during the period from 1899 to pre-World War II (1939). The exhibition continues at the Lake Country Museum and Archives until November 2nd, 2013.

Funding for the lecture and the exhibition has been provided by the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation of Vancouver, BC.

The following information about Dr. Audrey Kobayashi was originally published in the Calendar, July 20, 2005:


Audrey Kobayashi has been awarded a prestigious Queens Research Chair in recognition of the depth of her talent and scholarly excellence in the national and international cultural geography area.

The announcement of her award was made at Queens University last week where Audrey is a full time professor. She earned her PhD more than 20 years ago and the George Elliot graduate has been picking up awards ever since for her research work.

Dr. Audrey Kobayashi is well known by all in her profession as a geographer who has contributed to all aspects of the profession. Dr. Kobayashi’s services to the profession are simply extraordinary. Over the past two decades she has undertaken every possible type of service. The breadth and number of her service contributions attest to her commitment to advance the profession of geography in every possible forum.

Dr. Kobayashi was born and raised in Lake Country and is a member of the early pioneer Japanese Canadian family of Denbie Kobayashi.

Her Dad Hiroshi lives in Calgary and her mom Jimmy Kobayashi lives here in Winfield along with most of Audrey’s brothers and their families.

A tip of  the Calendar hat to Dr. Audrey Kobayashi for her continuing achievements.



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