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Okanagan Rails to Trails

Okanagan Rail Trail
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Have you heard of the Okanagan Rail Trail initiative? The railway line between Vernon and Kelowna recently ceased operations, and we now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn the old railway into a multi-purpose trail. It would stretch all the way from Coldstream (next to Vernon), alongside Kalamalka Lake, then along Wood Lake, and on to downtown Kelowna.

We need to act FAST because developers are eager to acquire the land and turn it into real estate. If a single private lot is created, that would eliminate the possibility of a through trail and open the door for further development. Negotiations for continued use as a commercial rail line are close to an end, opening the opportunity for our Rails to Trails initiative. This initiative has the support in principle of local, provincial, and federal governments. However, cash-strapped governments won’t take action and turn this rail line into a trail unless we muster up a strong show of support. Please show your support by going to the Rails to Trails website and click on “Show your Support”.

Even if you’re not a cyclist or pedestrian, even if you don’t live in the Okanagan, please support this initiative. This is the sort of citizen-oriented opportunity that rarely presents itself; it will be good for tourism, residents, and business alike. If you don’t live here, it will be good for you if you ever visit the Okanagan, and even if you never visit, it will help set a precedent for similar initiatives in your community.

Okanagan Rail Trail LOGOThanks for considering supporting the Okanagan Rails to Trails. We hope you’ll Get on Board!

Source: Dr. Ward Strong


  • I think the okanagan rail trail would be a great idea.

    • Thanks for the support, Richard. Be sure to “sign up” (indicate your support) on the Okanagan Rail to Trail website. Time is of essence!

  • Count me in! it is a wonderful idea!
    Eleanor Geen

  • This is a fabulous idea..The views are breath taking!!!!!! I hope there will be lots of support!!!

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