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Kal Lake trail gets funds

Below is an update, from the Vernon News, on the proposed trail corridor from Vernon to the northern boundary of Lake Country:

A trail corridor with views of Kalamalka Lake could soon be a draw for locals and tourists.

The Electoral Area Advisory Committee has agreed to spend $200,000 to $250,000 on a trail from the Vernon college campus south to Crystal Waters Road, on the boundary with Lake Country.

“The news is spectacular,” said director Mike Macnabb.

The trail would largely follow the base of the old highway although construction may be required in a few locations.

“Out of the 14 kilometres, there’s less than 2.7 kilometres that we need to do some work on,” said director Bob Fleming who first proposed the concept.

It’s expected that the trail will be popular with tourists but also with residents who are looking for alternate modes of transportation. And there is the likelihood that it will link to other communities.

“Lake Country is taking over the old highway along Wood Lake and it’s been designated as partk so there will be a connection into Lake Country,” said Fleming.

“Kelowna is also working the other way towards the airport.”

Currently, the BX-Swan Lake electoral area, which includes the trail area, is the lead funding source. But other jurisdictions in the North Okanagan, as well as Lake Country, will also be asked to contribute.

It’s not known when development of the trail could begin.

Source: Richard Rolke, The Morning Star, Sunday, July 7, 2013.

With Pelmewash Parkway about to become a local road, a north-south hiking/biking connector is close to becoming a reality. Only one and one half km of hiking/biking trail, between Evans Road and Crystal Waters Road, needs to be built to complete the downtown Vernon to Main Street in Lake Country.

For additional details see previous Blog post.

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  • Exciting news. I’m also excited about Pelmewash Parkway. There is a great deal of history regarding the first nations and their habitat and we should honour them. Thanks to Duane Thomson for keeping us informed.

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