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Graduation at George Elliot Secondary School

Congratulations to all the graduates of George Elliot Secondary School in Lake Country!

As parents and grandparents ready themselves to attend graduation ceremonies tonight many will reflect on memories of their own high school graduation.

Richard Gibbons, past-president of the Lake Country Museum, did just that in his Backward Glances article on Graduation.

George Elliot's graduation class of 1962
Front row L-R: Faye Stowe, Sherry Hayward, Eleanor Brixton, Laurie Arnold, Marlene Tetz, Graham Dickie, Margaret Berry, Cheryl Hitchman, Karen Norgaard. Back row L-R: Toby Redecopp, Garry Wheeler, David McCoubrey, Milton Eby, Werner Forster, Richard Gibbons, Roland Hein, Harold Swanson, Alan Pothecary, Jim Moody.

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the graduation class of 1962 and a CLASS REUNION has been planned for June 23rd. For more information on this reunion please contact Richard Gibbons at  or Faye Stowe at

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  • In 1962, nineteen students graduated from George Elliot High School. This June 23rd fourteen of those nineteen gathered at the Winfield Seniors Center (how appropriate, you might say) to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of that special day in our lives. In attendance were four teachers and their wives, as well as a couple of family members of our classmates.

    The afternoon was filled with lots of chatter, a few beverages, and a grand amount of laughter. Our dinner was a buffet cold plate provided by the Winfield Ladies Auxiliary to KGH. Following dinner, a special presentation of entertainment brought more laughter and more memories of days gone by.
    When you browse through these pictures, in order to identify everybody, first have a look at our graduation group picture. In our present group we are seated in the same order.

    In glancing at our commencement program it is noted that Graham Dickie was our “Chairman”. Unfortunately Graham was unable to attend our reunion, but sent his greetings. He also gave the “Farewell Address” which we now call the “Valedictory” address. Greetings and memories were also read from Garry Wheeler, who resides in Prince Rupert. Missing and missed were Laurie (Arnold) Davis in faraway Florida, Karen (Norgaard) Redecopp, in Winnipeg, and W. Milton Eby, in Richmond.

    In 1962 Marlene Tetz said the Grace before dinner. Appropriately, she did so again in 2012, as Mrs. Marlene Tonn. Richard Gibbons gave the toast to the Staff in 1962 and greeted them in 2012 but was reminded by Mr. Ron Taylor that he, Mr. Taylor, was the one who responded.

    The other teachers present were Mr. and Mrs. “Thumper” Greer, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Davis, and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Turkington. Mr. and Mrs. Vince Blaskovich were unable to attend due to illness. Unfortunately, Mr. Dedinsky is also not well enough anymore, to attend. We all thought we were still young, but our teachers were older than us in school, so they must still be older. Mr. Greer is now 91,– all the more reason to appreciate the fact that he was there and recognized almost everyone by name as they greeted him!!!

    To identify the “entertainers” go back to 1961 and the school dance—remember the appearance of “Lord and Lady Higginbottom and their daughter, Victoria”? Well, they made a comeback performance. “Graham” put in an appearance looking for his grad ceremonies as he was the oldest student to graduate from GESS. Someone in a delicate situation was looking for those 3 guys that hung around together and spotted one. However, he was on his way to a “Hill Climb” as he has always loved those speedy cars. One of his buddies would have gone with him, but still had his orchard work to do.

    Sunday morning, fifteen members of the previous night’s crowd bombarded the “Wooden Nickel” café for a delicious breakfast. Over coffee all those laughs were again recalled. Although many of us see each other often, it was still a special time, added to by those that aren’t as geographically close.

    It is hoped that you will all treasure this CD as a reminder of how special it is to start school with a group of people and still remain friends when you are “old and gray”, as the saying goes. Another reunion? Who knows!

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