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Kokanee Salmon Project

Introduction: The reason for this Website.

Biology: A fish-out-of-water overview of Kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) and their life cycle.

Ecology: The Kokanee in the environment of the Thompson-Okanagan. Kokanee incubation and growth.

Fishery: Introduction to human interventions through the years which have saved, conserved or reduced the Kokanee in the Thompson-Okanagan, and links to related topics.

Research: Projects that have helped save the Kokanee. Action Plan Reviews and proposals for Kokanee management in the Thompson-Okanagan. How you can help.

Kokanee Kids Study exercises and other fun for students.


Okanagan Basin Map

News Articles The Kokanee from the perspectives of Thompson- Okanagan history, geography and media.

Salmon Links Links to other sites about Kokanee and other members of the salmon family.

Photos and descriptions

The Royal BC Museum originally developed this project